Men's Counseling

“If you solicit good advice, then your plans will succeed. So don’t charge into battle without wisdom, for wars are won by skillful strategy” 
Proverbs 20:18 (TPT)

Individual counseling is beneficial in dealing with life controlling issues, behaviors, and addictions. Many of us have heard the saying, “the problem is rarely the problem”. The behavior/substance is rarely the real issue. There are other driving forces behind any addiction than the actual behavior or substance being abused. We call these driving forces “root issues”. One must be able to discern these root issues in order to deal with them the way God’s word instructs us. If we were capable of doing this on our own, there would be no addictions. The human heart can be very deceptive and that is why biblical counseling is so effective in helping one overcome addictions and life controlling issues.

Biblical counseling is hope filled instruction given from the Word of God. Life can present some difficult situations and when we try to deal with these situations outside of God’s Word, we find ourselves in what can appear to be a hopeless situation. Speaking hope into a hopeless situation is God’s specialty! Often times we need the Godly counsel of another to help us navigate through these storms of life.

This is where I found myself back in 2007-2015. I experienced a traumatic event in my life that dropped me to my knees. Shortly after, my business of 20 years was forced to file bankruptcy. Before I knew it, I found myself in an active substance addiction and life was spinning out of control. I did not plan to end up in this place, and I can promise you neither did my wife! Life came at me hard and instead of turning to God for my strength I began turning to alcohol to “cope”. Problem after problem mounted and the addiction had pushed my marriage to the brink of divorce. Deep depression had set in along with the addiction and I had nothing else left to fight with. That is when I sought Godly counsel. My pride had kept me from seeking counsel up to this point, strange how prideful one can be in the midst of total disaster. This proved to be the decision that turned the tables for me. As I allowed counsel to be spoken into my life from God’s Word and as I acted on that counsel, God began a healing and restoration process in every aspect of my life. Walking out these struggles through God’s Word and through Godly counsel I gained a new revelation of God’s unrelenting love and grace. It not only broke the chains of addiction in my life, it brought me into a relationship with Jesus Christ that I never dreamed possible.

God has placed a passion in my heart to counsel men into this same empowering freedom through relationship with Jesus Christ. I personally know how it feels to be bound by brokenness, depression, addiction, and despair.  Through Christ I now live radically loved, forgiven, and set free.  My desire for you is to experience this same healing in your life.

- Bobby Wallace

Counseling Types

For men we offer counseling for but not limited to: 

  • Addiction
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Infidelity
  • Anger Issues
  • Codependency
  • Depression​
  • Divorce Care
  • Financial Problems
  • Marital
  • Spiritual Counseling

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