Pastor Bobby Wallace

Rise Above Ministries

Bobby was born in El Reno, Ok, where him and his family resided until God called his parents to pastor.  In 1989, his family moved to Chickasha, Oklahoma where his parents co pastored Kenwood Revival Center.

Bobby held many positions of leadership as a teen and into early adult hood.  He began as part of the worship team, playing the drums for many years. Bobby married Ronette in 1993, and immediately stepped into the role of husband and father to her two children.   Today their family has grown with the marriage of both children and three grandkids that mean the world to “Papa” Bobby.

Bobby served in numerous areas within the church body.  Positions held at Kenwood Revival Center ranged from Singles Pastor to Church Administrator, he served many years on the Board.  Within the first 5 years of marriage, Bobby moved his family to OKC as he started Wallace Mechanical, LLC.   Wallace Mechanical grew very fast and Bobby found himself overseeing a multimillion dollar business. During the early part of this season they attended Church on the Rock, OKC, where Bobby and Ronette lead the singles small group.  Bobby again was part of the worship team as a drummer and was part of the offering sermon ministry.

As his business grew, Bobby felt it was a perfect vehicle of ministry to the men that would work for him.  One notable act of service, was when he helped an employee who was a single father of four, acquire a home and then provided Christmas for his family.  Many years Bobby would focus building his business and building up the men that worked under him, however business was not all God had in stored for Bobby.  As seasons changed business came and went.  When construction halted, Bobby found his company struggling and eventually had to shut down Wallace Mechanical. Bobby found himself at an impasse of life and in the middle of an identity crisis that lead him into a battle of addiction.  

In 2015, at the tail end of this journey, God laid on his heart to start Rise Above Ministries, Inc.   A ministry to empower others to overcome the struggle of addiction thru finding freedom in God’s Word and their identity in Jesus Christ.  It was in that truth, that he Bobby began to re-identify himself from a failed businessman to the man God said He was, and found freedom from addiction.

 “They conquered him completely through the blood of the Lamb and the powerful word of His testimony (making HIS testimony, their testimony). They triumphed because they did not love and cling to their own lives, even when faced with death.”
Revelation 12:11
I’ve had the unique opportunity of working with Bobby Wallace closer than many, due to the fact that he is my brother. So our relationship obviously goes back to the beginning, literally. Growing up, our dad taught us the trades of plumbing/heating & air conditioning, as well as remodel/new construction. Hard work, organization, dedication and commitment were all values instilled in us at a young age. Around 30 years ago, our parents also ventured into the ministry, as Pastors, which exposed my brother and I to a different kind of work, albeit just as hard, only more focused on serving the needs of others, while following Christ. All of the values we learned in life and the other trades, were needed and employed in ministry as well. Bobby worked alongside them and later with me in ministry and I worked alongside him in construction for many years. While serving as church administrator of the church I was leading, he demonstrated a “spirit of excellence” that is rare to say the least. I would later witness that same “spirit of excellence” on display as he built a company that impacted many lives, as well as the OKC Metro area. Nothing caught my attention however, like watching him and his wife endure incredible hardships in business, life and family, and see him “rise above” that which the enemy tried to heap on them. Did he stumble along the way? Of course, who among us hasn’t? He found himself in the battle of a lifetime with alcohol addiction…and for a while it threatened to take everything from him. At some point I saw Bobby & Ronette demonstrate incredible resolve and courage and they both dug deep into the foundational truths that had been instilled and began to identify with the Victory that was theirs in Christ. The struggle seemed to stretch out, but the turnaround was so quick and so strong, one couldn’t deny they had tapped into the love of the Father and it had energized every part of their lives. Now to watch them impact others lives with love, strength and resolve is nothing short of inspiring. The test became a testimony, the mess became a message of hope that God is now speaking through them!
Mark Wallace

Grace Center - Shawnee, OK