Carrie Folger

Co-Leader Freedom Community Edmond

Rise Above Ministries

Carrie joined the Rise Above Ministries team in 2018 and currently serves as their Executive Administrator. She is also a professional resume writer and Certified Career Development Facilitator. Previously she was a Corporate Trainer before coming to Rise Above Ministries. Carrie is wife to Grant Folger and a mother to 3 boys. Carrie’s walk with the Lord has included many trials, from childhood sexual abuse, being close to losing her life in an attack in her 20's, and most recently, being a wife to a husband that struggled with alcohol addiction. After several years of battling the addiction alone, and trying secular solutions, the couple met Bobby and Ronette Wallace in 2016 at church which led them to begin with the first Freedom Community meeting that Rise Above Ministries started in 2017. Carrie and her husband have regularly attended these meetings and have assisted with leading the Freedom Community group in Edmond since that time. In the time Carrie and her husband became part of Rise Above Ministries they have experienced transformation within their marriage and her husband walking free from addiction. Carrie loves sharing how the love of God and His Word has healed her marriage and ministering to other individuals and families struggling with addictions.