Craig Williamson

Co-Leader Freedom Community Shawnee

Rise Above Ministries


Craig was born and raised in Virginia.  He grew up the oldest of 2 boys playing sports and enjoying a loving environment from 2 parents who filled their home with love.  He grew up attending church until around High school.  After school he spent 4 years in the Marines,  living in the world thinking he had all the answers. He always had a servant’s heart, serving as a volunteer firefighter in his home town for over 10  years.  He began to work as a career firefighter in2001  currently works as a firefighter for the City of Edmond.  

Through life events and bad choices, he began to use God as a convenience store, only going to Him when he needed something.  In 2013 his wife’s job landed them inOklahoma, where they had their first child in 2014, and then divorced in2015.  The divorce is what humbled Craig to pursue a relationship with Christ.  Craig was baptized with his child and started down the road of transformation, increasing in knowledge of the depths of Christ love and mercy.  In 2017 he began to attend Victory ChurchEdmond.  Through Victory Church, and his involvement with Soulcon Ministries, God began to tear down Craig’s old “law” Freedom Community based religion and move Craig into a relationship with our Lord and Savior, teaching him the power of the Holy Spirit to transform our lives.  This relationship exposed struggles in his heart and led him to attend Rise Above Ministries Freedom CommunityFreedom Community in Edmond.  The teachings presented in the Freedom Community meetings began to teach Craig who he is in Christ, and who Christis in him.

In 2018 Craig met an amazing woman while volunteering with RiseAbove Ministries.  They now live inShawnee, OK and are serving Christ with a God centered marriage, working together to usher in the freedom found through relationship with Jesus Christ to those that are living in bondage.