Grant Folger

Co-Leader Freedom Community Edmond

Rise Above Ministries

Grant is a husband, father, avid guitarist and an Oil and Gas accounting professional. Grant has a deep love for God, family and music. He enjoys serving the Kingdom of God through Rise Above Ministries where he often leads worship at his local weekly Freedom Community group. He also serves as a Dream Team volunteer at Victory Church, where he and his wife Carrie have attended since October 2016.

Grant is forever grateful to God for placing Bobby and Ronette Wallace into his life. Since August 2017, God has used Bobby and Ronette to bless Grant and Carrie's marriage by mentoring them on how to break free of the yoke of bondage and idolatry that had strangled him for many years through alcohol addiction. Using the biblical teachings of the Freedom Community group, Grant is learning to walk in his Christ-given identity through faith and obedience to the Word of God. He is leaving the lies and false identities of his past behind and learning to become the man God says he is!