Heather Williamson

Co-Leader Freedom Community Shawnee

Rise Above Ministries

Heather was born in Oklahoma City, OK. and is the youngest of four children. By the time she came along, her parents had been hurt by the churches and stopped attending church all together. Heather never recalled ever going to church. Her parents, however, kept their personal beliefs in God and her mother would often pray over the kids throughout the years. They always supported her and lovingly affirmed her. Even though the things of God and His Word was never taught toHeather, she always had this inner knowing that there is a God and that He is good.

Heather started going through life’s hardships at the early age of 15 due to choices made involving dating, partying, drinking, occasional drug usage and fornication. Her first serious boyfriend was consumed with a hard family life and tried to drown out all the negative with drugs and alcohol. He ended up taking his own life when Heather was 17 but it was this hard event that finally lead her to salvation through Christ. Heather began attending church by herself the summer of 1997, but once school started backup, she found it hard to continue going to church. She never gave her personal relationship with Christ time to grow, nor did she receive any discipleship.She immediately went back to her old identity of partying, drinking, recreational drug use, and fornication.


From high school until the age of 28, Heather did her own thing and lived her own “prodigal daughter” kind of life that didn’t involve God or a relationship with Christ. But God was always with her and He constantly pursed her. During these years she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 2004, immediately started working for the Social SecurityAdministration in 2005, got her own home in 2006, met her first husband in2007, and then married and had her only child in 2008. Her first marriage was filled with so much jealousy, strife, disorder, confusion and chaos that it finally pushed Heather back to God, seeking His help again. She selfishly sought after God in hopes that He may heal her and her spouse, heal their marriage, and restore their family. Even though the marriage and family were never restored and divorce was final in 2009, Heather finally grew closer toGod and she began her personal, intimate relationship with Christ through this trial. Heather experienced the amazing love of her Heavenly Father and experienced the power of Jesus to walk her through deliverance from deeply rooted heart issues of anger, bitterness, and un-forgiveness that was controlling her life . She received much healing and comfort and love fromFather God and her identity in Christ and also as God’s daughter was established. 


Heather began attending and serving at the GraceCenter church in Shawnee OK around 2013, which is led by Pastor Bobby Wallace’s brother and sister in law, Mark and Stacey Wallace. She still attends the GraceCenter where she has received the freedom to grow and develop in her desire of teaching. In January 2018, God placed within her heart to start attending RiseAbove Ministries Freedom Community meeting that was offered at her church inShawnee. It was through volunteering with Rise Above Ministries that Heather met an amazing, godly man named Craig Williamson, who God also called to attend the Freedom Community meeting that was offered in his town of Edmond OK. ByDecember 2018, Craig and Heather quickly discerned God’s leading and confirmation with marriage. All that Heather had hoped and desired in marriage, family and kids with her first marriage has now been given to her by Father God through her new marriage and life as Mrs. Williamson. Craig and Heather live together in Shawnee OK with her amazing down syndrome son, Keegan Collier, and beautiful step daughter Gabby and are both excited for this new season of serving with Rise Above Ministries.