I was adopted at the age of 2 and sexually abused throughout my teen years by the man who adopted me. The feelings of rage and self-hate became too much for me to handle. I started drowning out the pain with self-harm and any drug I could get my hands on. This soon led to a 6-year addiction to meth and gang activity. I was in a life-threatening relationship that brought me to the point of suicide. I took a box cutting knife to my wrist, causing severe nerve damage. The doctor said if I had lost any more blood, I would have died. In April 2015, I found myself in jail for the 6th time and knew I had a choice to make - life or death. I was given the opportunity to go to Teen Challenge for Women where I found freedom from the chains of addiction and the pain I tried covering up all those years. After graduating there and working onsite for a year, I was ready to move back to Edmond. I wanted to be close to family again. I met Bobby and Ronette Wallace at Victory Church Edmond and was excited to hear there was a group I could relate to. That would not judge me for my past or everyday struggles. During my transition, I was faced with many obstacles:  finding a job with my criminal background, a vehicle for transportation and having constant positive role models around me. Miracles began – I was given the opportunity to work for Bobby and Ronette’s businesses and Rise Above Ministries. One night at a Heart of Addiction group meeting, a couple who attend said they would like to give me one of their vehicles. I’m very thankful for all these wonderful people in my life. This ministry challenges me spiritually and has helped me stay rooted in Christ despite the challenges along this journey to full recovery. 
Destiny Riddle
Rise Above has been instrumental in the transformation of our marriage and Grant's freedom from addiction.  No one should try to navigate through the devastating effects of addiction alone!  We are very excited to be part of Rise Above Ministries and we are grateful that God has blessed this much-needed ministry.  The Wallace’s have walked us through many difficult times with Biblical counsel and the direction of the Holy Spirit.  The Heart of Addiction study has been the key to showing us that it is only through seeking God and his love for us that we are set free.  From God's love and our identity in Christ, we are working through issues of the heart alongside our brothers and sisters.  Anyone wanting to break the bondage of addiction will find life-changing value in learning God's process of healing us from our afflictions and additions. 
Grant and Carrie Folger
Bobby and Ronette are the most generous and selfless people I’ve ever met. They truly are anointed in walking people through freedom from addiction as well as understanding their identity in Christ. They helped us understand the root of the issues we were dealing with so we could walk in freedom. Everything that they do and say is biblical and spirit led. When we were dealing with a relapse crisis I reached out to them and they immediately were available to meet with us. They understood where my husband and I were at because they had been there themselves, and genuinely cared and wanted to help us. They helped us set up a game plan and have walked with us throughout it. Our marriage and our family is stronger more now than ever. We are so thankful that they follow God’s call on their life in leading Rise Above Ministries.


I’ve struggled with addiction to pain pills and alcohol since I was 15 years old. My wife didn’t know this when we first met. Dating and engagement flew by and suddenly we were married. At this point she knew about my past but she didn’t know I still had a problem. I was sober while we we’re together for the 1st year, but by the 2nd year we struggled in our marriage and I turned to what I had in the past to help me cope, pain pills and alcohol. I got away with it for a while but eventually my wife found out. I repented, got clean, but this happened 3 more times in a row. By the last slip up, I thought things were over and I was near giving up. We met Bobby and Ronette and began meeting with them weekly. I didn’t want to listen to any preacher tell me the same thing I’d always heard, but Bobby and Ronette were different. I could tell they cared and they were so authentic. We got plugged into their Heart of Addiction group and Rise Above marriage counseling sessions. They have helped us walk through this tough time, not only one on one, but as a couple as well. Rise Above Ministries helped us not only heal as a couple and as individuals, but I can say I feel more confident in my walk with God and marriage than ever before. I know now that I’m not an addict or someone who’s messed up, but that I am God’s child that’s made mistakes that are forgiven. I no longer fear of messing up again, and that’s the first time I can say that in a long time.

Attending Group and Counseling